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The mission of TheMindGame.Net is to help feed, house, and empower humanity to live, work, play, love, learn, and pay-it-forward for universal happiness, health, and self-less abundance.​

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Track your daily habits at UploadTheRealWorld.Net

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Fast Start First Principles Video Series – Algebra to Programming Foundations and Universal Curiosity

Learn and grow continuously, as needed, in order to solve problems and serve others; with passion.


Watches, Phones, Tablets, Computers, TV, and General Tech Support.


Join/Start a HappyHeroHackathon.Net

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Concentrate your effort and focus, over a set time period.


Connect to others for DailyMasterminding.Net

A way for 1 + 1 to equal 3 or more.


What is your DefiniteAim.Net ?

What is your life mission? What is worth devoting 30 years or more to?


A daily show dedicated to exploring human life, technology, manufacturing, architecture, and farming.


Managed WordPress Multi-site hosting with the most popular pro paid plugins included for no extra charge. Save over $2,000 per year in plugin fees.

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